Upkeep Sweden

Upkeep Sweden maintains your assets with a flexible, dedicated and experienced staff and contractors.

Upkeep to keep up!

What we do

Upkeep Sweden is your trusted partner since 2013.  We support your operation with a flexibility and cost-efficient solution so you can keep up with competition.

We supply technical staff in the industry of Aviation.

Our aim is to add real value to your operation.  What set us apart is our deep knowledge of Aviation.

Upkeep to keep up!

Area of Expertise

Upkeep focus on Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul in Aviation.

Meet our Team

We are a small but effective team. 

Feel free to contact us.

Marcus Andersson

Chairman of the board


Experience in lean operations and international business. Long work experience from America, Europe and Asia.


+46 7600 777 69

Network Jim

A doer with energy


Upkeep large network of contractors has worked in around 170 countries.  We source specialist roles that our partner needs.  Contact us and we tell you all about it.


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